Friday, February 3, 2017

Teens Web of Sin

We have done the "Web of Sin" activity with our teens a couple of times in the last few years and it's one of their favorite nights!  One girl squealed when she walked in and saw it set up tonight and said, "This is my favorite game!!!"
It does take a little while to set up but it is a very cheap activity, great for a cold winters night and worth the time it takes.  First you need to figure out how many teens you have coming and how much room you'll need .  We have done this activity with almost 20 teens but it can be done with a smaller group of teens too.  If you have a lot of teens you can also put the teens in teams of 2.  We knew we only had 5 teens tonight so we set up 3 tables in a triangle.

Next you need a different colored skein of yarn for each teen that will be playing. Using the table legs as a starting point, tie the start of the string off and then start weaving the yarn over, under, around all three tables and anyway you can to make a web.  Make sure you do not pull the yarn too tight or the teens will never get it unraveled!
As the yarn gets spread out over the surface, wrap the yarn around already laid out strings.  This helps make the web effect and makes it challenging to the teens.  Remember you don't want to make it to easy for them!   Alternate and work with each skein of yarn for a few minutes before switching to another skein of yarn.  This makes it fair for each teen and no one will have the skein that is actually the yarn that is holding the whole web together.

Patiently weave under, over and around and work to make the yarn look evenly distributed across the surface of the whole play area.
Use the table legs and even the tops of the table to wrap the yarn around.  When you're done it should look like this.  A tangle of yarn weaved together to form a solid web.

When it's time to play, give each teen the ending of the skein of yarn.  Tell them the first one done wins a prize.  They must wrap their yarn into a ball as they unravel their color.  This keeps everything neat and much easier as they untangle the web.


 They start working diligently to get their yarn untangled.
They sit and untangle.....
They climb under the tables to untangle......

They carefully step in the middle and through the yarn web as they untangle.......
And sometimes they even help each other as they untangle. 

They laugh, they joke, they get frustrated and laugh some more.  It takes them about an hour to untangle their yarn and they have a blast doing it! 

After the get all the yarn untangled and wrapped up, they head to the sanctuary for the message. (Friday Night fun nights, Pastor Mason dresses to play with the teens!)  The message tonight was awesome about the web of sin and deceit we weave and what a mess it is to get out.  Pastor Mason encouraged the kids to live in truth, follow God's will and live a victorious life in Him.  It was a great message and convicted me!
For dinner I make Garlic Spaghetti with chicken and garlic gravy with a cupcake for dessert.  So yummy!  It was another great Teen Night and the teens hated it when it was time to load up on te bus and head home.
I am so thankful for a creative youth pastor who love these kids and comes up with unique ideas to get the teens to have fun but it's fun with a spiritual application!  Love it!

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