Monday, November 4, 2013

A Pastor's Wife

After Sunday services last night I was talking with one of our bus teens.  She is the sweetest teenager and comes to every service and activity she can.  She was telling me how much she loves church and would love to be a Pastor's wife as it would be so cool to be involved in church things all the time!  I had to smile as I had thought the same thing when I was a teenager.  
Growing up I loved watching my Pastor's wife and how she loved
and encouraged her husband, how she was always helping people, serving, ministering and teaching and she always did it with a smile on her face. 
I was so excited when my husband surrendered to preach
because that meant I was going to be a Pastor's wife!
Being a Pastors wife has been everything I thought it would be. 
I love being at my husband's side and doing whatever he needs done as I
 try to support him and love him as he does one of the hardest jobs I know of! I love the opportunity to witness to and tell so many people about Jesus, the one who has changed my life and gives me a life of love, joy and peace!  I absolutely love speaking and giving devotions to our ladies group as we strive to be better wives, mothers and women.  I love being busy and helping and encouraging people in whatever they need and I love teaching the kids and the teens and teaching them about the unconditional love of God.
I truly love every aspect of the ministry and all
the busyness that goes along with it!
Along with everything I love about being a Pastor's wife I never imagined the struggles, the trials, and the heartaches the ministry would bring us over the years.  I never imagined that there would be times I would not see my husband or be able to talk to him for days and sometimes weeks.  (He doesn't need to be away from home for me not to be able to "see" him or "talk" to him)  I never imagined being a Pastor's wife could be so lonely even though I am always surrounded by people.  I never imagined how mean people can be even though the situation they are upset about has nothing to do with you.  I never imagined that you would never have time off, that people would always be calling and texting and coming over at all hours of the day and night as they seek advice, counseling and help.  I never imagined that there would be some days where I would get up at dawn and not stop running until well after midnight.  So many things I never imagined!

So as I was talking with this beautiful young lady last night, I encouraged her that a Pastor's wife was truly a wonderful thing to want to be and that it was amazing to be able to serve God full time.  I also told her that if she did become a Pastor's wife that there would be many joyful and fun times but there would also be some times filled with struggles, trials and even heartache but that through it all, our God who is Mighty in power and strength, would see her through and that she would never regret being,
A Pastor's Wife.

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