Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rocking Chair Cushion

I love this chair!  As long as I can remember this chair
was in my Uncle's living room and I sat in it every time I visited. 
It is a swivel rocker so it spins and rocks and sometimes if you sat in it wrong you would halfway fall out!
A couple of years ago my uncle did just that, took a spill
when trying to sit down and thus they decided to get rid of it. 
My dad took it and it sat in the backroom of his house until he died.  When we emptied dad's house I took it home and decided the first thing, because my dad was a heavy smoker, that the cushions needed washed.  Bad idea!  The cushions disintegrated in the washer! 
 I have kept my eyes out for new cushions but either they have been way out of my price range or just plain ugly!
I told Saraina she could have it when the baby came and I would figure out how to make cushions for it.  Since Saraina and baby Keith just got home I knew I had to get sewing and came up with this idea.

I bought two pillows for $2.50 each at WalMart and then bought the fabric Saraina had fallen in love with last time we went shopping.  It was on clearance for $1.50 and I bought three yards.

Measuring the pillows and the chair I cut the fabric to match
 the size of the chair and the idea in my head. 

For the seat I made sure the pillow was longer than the fabric so I could stuff the pillow in and make it more squarish to fit the seat and less rectanglish.  (I am pretty sure squarish and rectanglish are words!)
I folded and sewed three inch lengths of fabric inside out and then pulled them right side out to make the corner ties.

I also covered four buttons with the same fabric.
After sewing the bottom cushion closed, I added the corner ties
 and one button to the middle of the seat.
For the back cushion I made the fabric fit the pillow perfectly so it would be rectanglish enough for the back of the chair.
I then sewed three buttons on the back cushion
and sewed ties to the top corners.
I love it and think it turned out so cute! 
(I love it even more because it cost me less then $10 dollars to make!)


  1. This is the neatest idea and the cutest. I wanted a cushion set but I wanted it in fabric I already had and this is so easy that I am so excited to find it. Thank you so much for posting it. I can't wait to get it going. I wondered if the buttons hurt the person's back or behind. They look large. I don't know if I want to use buttons. I wondered if just sewing the cushions down in those spots.
    I looked around at your site and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it on.
    Sarah Jane McKenzie
    Olney, IL

    1. I am so glad this idea has given you an idea of how you want to do your cushions. The buttons are pulled tight into the pillows so they do not stick out at all and sitting on them you don't even notice they are there. Sewing the cushions in the spots where the buttons would go would work great too! Happy sewing and I hope your cushions turn out great!

  2. what size pillows did you buy?