Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Puzzle Devotion

While we were in Idaho this past weekend, we received a box of older Sunday School material from a dear, sweet lady who used to teach my husband and I in church when we were just kids.  I love, love, love older Sunday School material.  Missionary stories, visual songs, and older flannel graph stories are so much fuller of the gospel message than I think a lot of the newer curriculum's are.  We have had several of the people who used to teach us years ago ask us if we want their old stuff.  They say they have tried to get rid of it to some of the people who are teaching the kids classes now but no one wants it because they say its out of date.  We have gladly taken everything they give us and implement it into our kids classes. 
Sunday is National Puzzle Day and we are doing a special day for the kids.  I spent all morning working on a devotion for the day and planned out some games and special food.
To go with my devotion I made a huge puzzle for my visual aid.  First I bought two sheets of poster board and taped them together.  I then printed pictures to go with my story.  My favorite site to get pictures on the internet is FreeBibleImages.  After cutting the white edges off, I glued the pictures to the poster board in the order I wanted them.  I took packing tape and taped the whole board to protect it.
I then drew puzzle pieces on the board and cut them each out.  I had to put more packing tape on the cut edges to seal and protect each piece.  I think it turned out so well and will be a great visual for Sunday.  I also ordered a bunch of puzzles off Amazon to give away to the kids and the adults. 
 I am really excited and think Sunday is going to be so fun!


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  2. I love older Sunday School materials—they are never out of date! God is timeless. If anyone ever wants to share any with me, I’d be honored.
    My niece is now teaching Sunday School, too, and I share with her.
    God Bless you for sharing your story.