Monday, April 3, 2017

Blessing Wall

April is our Blessing Month at church and we have such a great time all month counting our blessings.  I made these Blessing wall frames several years ago.  First I screwed together 1x3 boards, and added eyelets every six inches all the way around on the inside lip of the frame.  I then strung string back and forth and crossway over the whole frame.  To finish I hot glued on greenery and flowers to add a springy look. 

We have pens and papers sitting out for everyone to write down the blessings they have received from God and are so thankful for.  They then take their papers and paperclip them to the strings of the blessing wall.  Every week, blessings will be added to the wall and by the end of the month the wall will be full!
Through the month we encourage everyone to pick someone in the church to bless and do something special for.  They can help them in some financial way, give them a gift, a note of encouragement or any other way they can think to be a blessing to another person.  The last Sunday in April we will all share a big pot of blessing soup and have a special service where our pastor reads all the blessings that were written down and gives us a special message.  Our members love Blessings month and look forward to it each year as it's such a special time of fellowship at our church.
My husband and I have talked over several people we will be blessing this month and I am so excited as we give a little extra love to the ones God has asked us to bless this year! 

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