Sunday, February 5, 2017

Marky's Mouth Bible Review

In Jr. Church, we have been teaching the kids about what kinds of things should and should not come out of our mouths  After our Bible stories about our mouths today, we brought out Marky Mouth to help us with the review.  Saraina used two pop tart boxes, covered them with paper and decorated them.
For the Marky Mouth box, Saraina wrote out and put questions in that went with our Bible stories. 
The other box was filled with small candies for prizes.

The kids loved taking a question out of Marky's Mouth and listened so carefully to see if the child who picked the question could answer it.  If they couldn't answer the question, the question was returned to Marky's Mouth.  If they did answer the question correctly they got to choose a piece of candy for a reward.

All the kids loved this review so we will keep in and use it again in a couple of months.
Today was National Nutella Day, so we gave away these snack packs of Nutella and pretzels.  Of course everyone loves Nutella!  We had two visiting families at church today and one of the ladies said how nice it was that we also gave the adults snacks as they liked getting them too! 
Today's preaching was absolutely amazing and convicted me in so many ways!  It truly was another wonderful day in the Lord's house as we were fed physically and spiritually!

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