Monday, January 30, 2017

Puzzle Sunday

Our special day for this January was Puzzle Day.  Every Sunday and Wednesday I try to make sure I greet and talk to everyone but it is so much more fun when I have something to give everyone.  We had all kinds of puzzle books, boxed puzzles, metal strategy puzzles and Rubik cube puzzles.  The people loved them and I loved being able to give everyone a little joy through such a small gift.
Last week while we were in Denver we stopped at Walmart and found their 8 dollar puzzles on clearance for 50 cents!  We were praising God for providing these great gifts at such a cheap price!  We also put a bag of puzzles stuff together and gave it to the one who had brought the most visitors in January.

For the kids I also got a good selection of different kinds of puzzles.  The kids were so excited to see all the puzzles and I told them they had to listen closely to the story today in order to win the puzzles.

I loved telling the stories and loved watching the kids faces as the pieces, God's forgiveness, God's protection, God's provision, and God's power slowly came together to make the puzzle.  The kids noticed at the end that the puzzle had an empty spot in the middle and needed one last piece.  I asked them what all the stories had in common and when they said God, I was able to talk about how God is the one who not only completed each story in the Bible but that He is the only one that completes us!  After the story we played review games to win the puzzles.  The kids loved it!
(On a side note - {{{Gasp}}} do you see how much weight I've gained back!!!)

After services we had a soup fellowship.  The ladies of church can surely cook and everything was delicious!  Chicken Taco, Turkey Noodle, Beef Vegetable, Potato, Broccoli and Cheese and my favorite, Chicken, Stuffing and Gravy soup.  It was like Thanksgiving in a bowl!

Everyone enjoyed the soup and Little Lady even licked her spoon and bowl clean!
As you can see in the background, we are still working on the inside of the building.  As we tell everyone, please excuse the mess.
Our special promotion day for February is Carnival Day and I am starting planning now for my special Bible story and prizes that we will be giving out.  I think prizes for the kids will be easy as we play carnival games to review the story and win prizes but what in the world do we give the adults for Carnival Day?  Anybody have any ideas, I'd love to hear them! 

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