Monday, January 16, 2017

Confession Time

After my amazing year of weight lose last year, I slacked a bit, well maybe I slacked a lot!  I must tell you the truth, I hate eating healthy.  I hate veggies and salads and all those things that are good for my body!  When my year of no sugar, no pop, no chips, no fast food diet was over I slowly let the sugar back in my diet.  I love sugar and can eat sugar eat all day with no adverse affects to my health other than my weight.  Sooooo...... after losing 80 pounds last year, over the last 5 months I have gained back 30 pounds!  I am almost embarrassed to write that, but it's true.  Not only did I start eating sugar again, I also have not been exercising or running the way I was.  Of course I have given the excuse that's it's too cold out to walk, which it is but I can easily exercise inside.  I also was a bit discouraged as so many people began saying my face was looking gaunt and I was too skinny.  The normal weight for my height is actually 135lbs. to 140lbs. and I was still over 30 pounds away from that goal so I know I was not in danger of being too skinny.
Over the last five months I have had a stuffy nose.  This is a huge issue for me as for the year I went without sugar I was not sick once and did not once have a stuffy nose.  I was fitting into a medium in clothes and now I am stretching my large size clothes.  My nightly sleep pattern is off and I am just so unhappy with many things as I have gained some of this weight back! 
Thus being said, today is the day that I have started my no sugar, no pop, no chip, no fast food or anything yummy diet again.  I know many people say you have to have a  cheat day now and then but that does not work for me!  If I have a taste of sugar, I simply have to have more and more and I get carried away.  If I totally cut myself off from all sugar and treats and only eat my veggies, fruits and meat, I do really good at being disciplined and constant in my diet.
So, as of today I have 60 pounds to lose to make my goal of 140lbs. My fridge is stocked with fruit and veggies and I am ready to start eating healthy again!  I also have my FitBit on and am in competition with my amazing friends as we try to outstep each other as we all strive to lose some unwanted weight.   I must admit I am not looking forward to eating a year of no sugar again but the weight loss and health benefits far out weigh the need for sugary treats and I know I'll get excited as I see each pound disappear and  when I'm able to fit into the clothes I bought last fall!
Do you want to join me on this weight lose journey?  I would love to be your accountability partner or your FitBit buddy!  Comment and let me know!


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    1. Awesome! I love weight loss buddies! Be my friend in FaceBook and I'll message you!

    2. I am your friend in FB unless you have another account. Have a good day!