Monday, January 23, 2017

So Sweet

It has been a long week for us as we traveled to Idaho for the funeral of my favorite Uncle.  My siblings have not been together for almost six years but came from all over the world to attend the funeral of the man who was so much more than an uncle to us.  We were able to spend time laughing and eating and enjoying each other for the few short days we were together. 
With several storms headed into our path of travel, we left yesterday afternoon to try and beat the bad weather and the threat of road closures.  The roads were horrible and we prayed for God's guidance to help us see the road as we went through mile after mile of ground blizzards.  It was amazing as we called on God to give us visibility and in the same moment the wind would stop blowing and we would see clearly for several minutes.  We finally made it home at 4 am this morning and we praised God for His hand of safety!

I awoke with a feeling of joy at being home.  Usually when I visit my brother I can go outside, sit on the front step and do my devotions in the fresh mountain air as I watch the sunrise over the mountains.  Sadly in the middle of winter this is not possible so I tried to find a quiet place in the house but there was so much going I was unable to dig deep and savor my quiet time as I usually do.  I love being home where I have my quiet place and all my quiet time tools within easy reach.
Even though we were only gone for 5 days, God taught me several lessons and put a few burdens on my heart that I will be blogging about soon, but until then I must say that
Home is So Sweet! 


  1. I am very very sorry about your uncle's passing. Ive had several relatives pass away and it hurts a lot.
    I really really enjoy your blog. Thank you for being so genuine and sharing.

    What is the difference between a 'ground' blizzard and a blizzard? I've never heard that term!
    Again, I'm sorry and thank you.

    1. Thank you Jen! A ground blizzard is when it's not necessarily snowing (which it wasn't the other night) but when the wind is blowing the snow fiercely at a low ground level resulting in whiteouts while higher up the air is clear of blowing snow. Hope that makes sense.