Friday, January 6, 2017

Beautiful Baby!

What a busy morning!  The kids are staying the weekend with us as there mom has their little sister, so after waking up and doing our Bible time, Keith and I did school.  I don't remember PreK being so much work!   Keith loves it and did so well sounding out his blends.  I can't believe he's reading already! 

Tali and I spent time trying to make sure her braids were even as I hate uneven braids!  We then read what felt like a hundred of books.  This girl never gets tired of reading!
I have to admit, it is so tiring chasing after two little ones, entertaining them, and making sure the house stays clean!  It seemed I got little else done today!  I am so thankful to my sweet husband for coming home and watching the kids while I took a lunch time break and was able to get my noon devotion time in!
As soon as we heard that this beautiful little baby had been born we ran to the hospital to see  Gracelyn Amber Day.  This little one is such a blessing from God!

Keith and Tali were so excited to meet their sister and all they wanted to do was hold her.  Keith was fascinated that the baby had finally come out and looked under the covers to see his mommies flat tummy.  He asked if her stomach had broken to get the baby out!!!  We only stayed for a few minutes as we had to rush home and feed the kids before Teen Night.
Although we had turned on the heat to the teens play area, the furnace had not kicked on and with our below freezing temperatures, Pastor Mason had to think fast of something to play in the main church as the teens started coming.  He ended up playing Lava with them.  As a team they had to get from the back of the building to the front of the building without touching the ground.  The teens loved this and it was hilarious to watch their ingenuity as they passed chairs, clung to walls and helped each other!  Thankfully Pastor Chep fixed the furnace and the teens play area was warm by the time Lava was over.

I fed the teens Frito pie tonight which is one of their favorites.  As the teens hopped in the church van to go home, I took Keith and Tali back to the house for a bedtime snack and bed!  I had them in bed by the time Chep returned to the house and I was able to head to Walmart to find someone new to meet!  It seemed like such a long day and am so thankful to be able to go cuddle with my Bible for a few minutes before turning in for the night.  I feel worn out emotionally and physically and there is nothing better than some quiet time with God to refresh a tired soul! 
Praying for you all my friends - Goodnight!

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