Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Snow Doings

Yesterday and last night we received between 8 to 12 inches of snow, depending on what side of town you live on.  Chep was out early shoveling and plowing and making sure all our church members who needed to get to work could while I took time to call each our elderly members and check on them and make sure they didn't need anything from the store.  They always are so sweet and say they are safe and warm at home and have everything they need.  They don't want me to go to any trouble for them but they don't realize I love driving my husband's 4 wheel drive truck and would gladly run and do what ever they needed!
Today we started our Women of the Word Bible Study back up.  It was a long Christmas break without Bible study and everyone was excited to get back into the Word.  We started Jonah chapter 2 today and found such nuggets of truth for our lives.  I really must say, I do not like Jonah as a person as he was so stubborn, rebellious and hard but I am loving how we are seeing God's mercy over and over and over again in Jonah's life.  This study is making me do some deep reflection about myself and how I can be stubborn and rebellious just like Jonah. 
As I was looking up the definitions of Jonah 2:2, the above picture is of "by reason of mine affliction".  Although the first definition is applicable for Jonah 2:2 - straits, distress, trouble; I couldn't help seeing the second definition - vexer, rival wife.  Oh my!  Have I ever been the source of my husbands afflictions because of my words or my actions.  Sadly, probably a lot!  My daughter-in-love and I were talking and it reminded us of a bad wife being annoying as continual dripping water or where the Bible says it's better to dwell on the housetop or live alone in the wilderness then with a brawling woman.  Not relative to our Jonah study but definitely some meat to chew on!
Chep took a break from his snow removal this morning and ran me to the store to pick up goodies for our Bible study.  As we were there, there was a mom with her teenage daughter and her teenage daughter commented on my skirt.  I said thank you and kept walking.  When will I ever learn!  I turned around and caught up with them and explained that I was trying to make a friend a day and gave me her card.  She introduced herself and her daughter and boyfriend.  She was such a nice lady but I have to tell you I was mesmerized by her daughters eyes.  They were beautiful and just full of life!  I didn't stay and talk much as Chep was waiting on me and he had to get back out to plowing but I told her to call me or text me.
Jenn, If you're reading this, text or call me and I'll take you and your daughter out for coffee and pie.  Would love to sit and get to know you better!

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