Monday, January 2, 2017

Another Day Purpose

Although my blog is titled Another Day in the Ministry I rarely share what happens in our daily ministry, so this year I plan on sharing a bit more.  This morning my husband and I were both up at 6 AM, I gave him a kiss and now 13 hours later I have not seen him since!  He had a full day of studying, visiting and then helping a few of our church members.
I knew my husband had a busy day planned so I decided to go shopping!  I love Christmas clearance and love it even better when I know Walmart has their clearance at 75 percent off!  In May we have a special Bubble Sunday School Day Promotion day and I was able to get bubbles for 25 cents!  I'll use these for prizes for the kids on that day.  I didn't get the Heath bars on sale but I needed them for next Sunday.

Target had their clearance at 90 percent off!!!  I give all our ladies presents for their birthdays and also try to give out an encouragement gift out each week so I use a lot of bags and tissue paper.  These are 90 sheet tissue paper and were only 30 cents and the bags were only 12 cents!

These little boxes have stationary cards in them and I thought were great for 30 cents.  I can give them out for a small prize at one our Ladies G.A.B. Night.
One thing God has been putting on my heart is how, many people feel rejected by society and those around them, they feel unloved, unwanted and lonely. We are not loving others the way we should and because of this we can not witness to other the way Christ calls us to do.  Honestly, one of the reasons I am not more outgoing and friendly and loving is, many times I have felt rejected, unloved, unwanted and lonely!  So hard to reach out to someone who feel rejected when you feel the same way!  God has spoken to me over and over again about reaching out and loving others so a couple of weeks ago I ordered these business cards.  Even though it is totally out of my comfort zone and totally not my personality, I am challenging my self to go out and meet at least one new person a day, talk to them and give them this card with an offer to call, text, or email me.  I am praying God will do amazing things as He helps me to  step out of my comfort zone and love people and witness to people in His power.
  Today at Walmart I met an older man named Art who sat on his walker waiting for his daughter to finish her shopping. So many people passing him but no one stopping to smile or talk to him. I walked past him as I came in the store and he was still there a half an hour later as I was leaving. I almost didn't stop but God gave me a nudge. I introduced myself and we joked about women shopping, talked about his name and a few other things. Such a great guy but no one noticed him just sitting there.  I also took a baby present to a lady who I really don't know, I know her first name and have said hi to her a few times in passing but that's about it. I know she just had a premature baby and that things have been really rough in a few areas of her life so I took her a present to let her know she is loved and that someone is thinking of her.   I gave each of them a card and although I don't know if they will ever contact me I want them to know there is someone to talk to if they ever need it.
Again, this is so out of my comfort zone, but as I strive to be who God wants me to be I am pushing myself in areas where I need to grow and where I can help others to know they are more than just another face in the crowd! 
I think I just heard my husbands truck pull into the driveway.  I've got supper warming in the oven  and looking forward to seeing  and sharing the happenings of our days with each other! 

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