Monday, January 2, 2017

Every Day is Special

Do you know that every day is special?  Seriously, we have a national day of some kind everyday. Whether it be cherry day, chocolate mint day, or carnival day, everyday is set aside as a special day of some kind.  This year we are planning to have fun each Sunday with all the national food and fun days.
Yesterday was the January 1st and National Organization Day, so we gave out our new church directories.  I think they turned out great!  The front cover has a picture along with a verse that goes along with our church and theme for the year.  Back to the Front Porch. 

We included a few of our church goals for the year along with pictures, addresses and birthdays of everyone in our congregation.

A couple of pages of the missionaries we support.

And a month by month calendar of all the activities we have planned for the year.  We have a lot planned as we pray to grow our church physically and spiritually.

In the back is a daily Bible reading plan.

And the attributes and characteristics of God that we find in the Bible that we are striving to show in our lives too!
So excited for this new year and looking forward to the many things we have planned!

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