Tuesday, January 3, 2017

God's Affirmation

This morning after tidying my house, I sat with Pastor Mason, helping him plan his next teen activity.  A "Find Pastor Mason" scavenger hunt around the city of Cheyenne.  It's going to be so much fun!  I also spent some time on the computer making up a new pamphlet that will go in our visitation bags that we will hand out on Saturdays. What will catch a person's eye and make them want to read the information is so hard to figure out but praying that each pamphlet will be read!
My husband was out the door early to go shovel snowy sidewalks for our elderly and then to run a few errands but he made it home for lunch at one this afternoon and asked me to go for a walk around the mall with him.  I love our walks as we get to walk and talk without any interruptions. 
Yesterday, I shared with you the card I had made up and also how God is stretching me to go outside my comfort zone and talk to a new person everyday.  Can I tell you I overcome with anxiety at the thought of putting myself out there.  The devil also gets to me telling me I'm stupid, that I can't make a difference, that no one (other than me) feels unloved, rejected or lonely, that all you're going to do is make a spectacle of yourself and that is all is stupid so don't even try!  (Just being honest about the fight in my head!)  So as we walked the mall I was trying to look for people that looked like they needed a smile or friendly word but, like I said these thoughts were going through my head!
As we walked I noticed a young lady sitting on a bench.  She was playing on her phone and had a bag of yarn and crochet stuff at her side.  She was still there after we had walked several times around the mall.  I knew we were done walking and getting ready to leave but my stomach had butterflies even thinking of approaching a total stranger to try and make friends. 

As I approached her, the first thing I noticed was how pretty she was.  I introduced myself and she told me her name was Kari.  I asked her what she was doing at the mall today and she told me that she was trying to escape her lonely apartment.  As she said this, I felt that God was affirming what He had put on my heart and was showing me it's not stupid or ridiculous.  We talked a little about feeling lonely and rejected and she told me how she is a introvert. Then because I love crocheting, we started talking about things that we ad made or were thinking of making.  She told me she was a agnostic atheist and wanted to know if I was going to try to argue with her.  I told her that we can talk and disagree about many things but still be friends.  We talked a little about her name and her family and I then gave her my card and told her to call me or text me.  She said she might take me up on that offer.  She was such a sweet, beautiful girl and I am praying for her!  Praying that she will feel loved and accepted and that she knows that there are people who want to be friends with her. 

Kari, if you're reading this, I am so glad I got to meet you today!  You are such a beautiful young lady and I loved getting to talk to you!  I would love to be get together with you and talk with you more! 


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