Monday, April 4, 2016


After a week of cold temperatures it was warm and sunny today and the perfect to keep working on the front landscaping.  Walking across the yard I felt a sudden pinch like I had been bitten by a bug but it turned out that a cactus had jumped and stuck on me!  Nasty little things!!!
Mason and I worked on spreading a second layer of dirt over the area and making sure no grass, weeds or cactus were growing through.  As we worked, we had a man pull into the parking lot and handed us this piece of paper with Psalm 89:32 highlighted.  He spend twenty minutes trying to convince us that the Old Testament should not be read, because if we read it, it puts us back under bondage after Jesus has set us free.  He quoted verse after verse as he talked to with us, but although he seemed to know his Bible and knew what he was talking about, he twisted each verse slightly to fit what he was trying to put across.  Every time Mason or I tried to speak or explain what we believed or Biblically contradict what he said, he would interrupt us and not let us finish.  He was upset when we said we couldn't talk anymore but we knew he was just trying to pound us with his beliefs and ideas without letting us have a word in edgewise and I really didn't want to stand there for even a minute longer listening to him.  That experience though, made me look at myself and how I witness and share my faith with others.  I need to make sure I am open and listen to others and not make them feel like I am being like that cactus this morning, that jumps and sticks on a person
and all the person wants to do is get it off them!

As Mason and I continued moving dirt from one side of the yard to the other, our neighbor Moe came driving up with a tractor and asked if he could help us!  What a blessing when Moe moved all the dirt in 15 minutes that would have taken us the rest of the afternoon to complete!  Moe's parents were actually charter members at our church when it first started and Moe came to every service with them.  After his parents died something happened at church and he has never attended again.  He is really a wonderful man and is open to my husband talking to him but whatever happened has set his heart against church.  Please pray for Moe as we continue to witness to him!

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