Tuesday, March 29, 2016

God Gives Credit?

My husband is a Big O Tire guy, he loves them and will not go
anywhere else.   So when we had a low tire, Big O is where he went.  When he took the car in, my husband thought he had probably ran over a nail and needed a quick patch but turns out he needed two new tires, new serpentine belts, a new alternator belt and a new motor mount.
As they stood at the counter going over the estimate my husband was worried about the price but the guy looking at the computer told my husband that it was covered today because of the credit on his account.  My husband told him he must be mistaken because he didn't have any credit and always paid cash when he went in.  The guy at the counter looked at the computer again and told him he had several hundred dollars of credit and it looked like God had taken care of it all.  My husband was speechless as he left the car there to get worked on.   No explanation other than God gave us the credit needed to get everything changed and fixed! 
Tonight we are truly standing in awe of the power and of God!
1 Chronicles 29:12   Both riches and honour come of thee,
and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.

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