Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blessings of Bricks

One of  the next steps in our landscaping is to build a short fence
 of brick to divide the landscaping from the lawn.  Of course the large quantity of brick we need is so expensive so we were not sure when we would be able to buy the bricked we needed.  Today one of the men in our church called to say his boss wanted all the outdated brick in his brickyard given away as they are getting ready for new spring inventory.  What a huge blessing to get several pallets of bricks and pavers for free!
When we got the trailer to the church we spent the afternoon restacking the bricks onto pallets in the yard.  Little man was so excited to help and carried as many little bricks as he could and told us, "Look, I strong!".  
He watched his Uncle Mason stack the bricks perfectly
and worked hard to do the same thing too!

Monday my husband will go back and get a few more pallets
and we should have all the bricks we need to finish the wall we are planning.  I had also been planning to do a path around the parsonage and we received a whole pallet of pavers that are exactly like I wanted!
So thankful for God blessing us with these bricks and pavers and so excited to start placing them and getting a step closer to finishing the landscaping!

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