Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lettuce Anyone?

In case you've ever wanted to know, this is what 280 cases of lettuce looks like!  We have a trucking company that gives us their excess whenever they can't deliver it here in Cheyenne.  Right now it is lettuce season and this is the third truck of lettuce we have received in 6 weeks.  What do you do with 280 cases of lettuce?  First we called all the other agencies in Cheyenne that give out food to the homeless and needy.  We then gave almost a hundred cases away during our monthly Foodbank which we did yesterday, and then we posted on Facebook asking everyone to please come get lettuce!!! 
One of the agencies here in town traded us cases of bread for cases of lettuce.  This was wonderful and was a great addition to our Foodbank!

As of this morning we have gotten rid of 240 cases and only have 20 left!  Getting large shipments like this and then giving it away to the community is a great way to talk to people, have them come and see where the church is and see that our church loves helping the people in the community. 
We are praying that through this we will see visitors!
 What a blessing for God to give us this lettuce but I think everyone here is sick of lettuce and we are praying that next time the truck needs to get rid of it's excess it will be bananas or some other kind of fruit or vegetable!

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