Friday, April 8, 2016

A Relaxing Walk

After a long week of ministry and feeling like I have been on the run all week I was so excited to take a afternoon walk with my two favorite people!  Of course on our walk we collected feathers, sticks, pinecones and other fun stuff that needed to go in a little boys pockets!

I loved how Little man used his stick to poke things in the water, chase a spider, dig in the dirt and just run it along the fence as he walked.

We walked all the way to the pond at the college where they both
promptly sat down to look at the water. 
On the way home I let Little lady ride on my shoulders and she instantly fell asleep!  I guess when you're tired you can sleep anywhere!
I am just so blessed to have these little ones so close sand it definitely helps me to relax after a long week of ministering and helping others!

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