Thursday, March 24, 2016

He Prayed for Snow

Our church people are blaming my husband for praying for all the snow we got yesterday.  Last week my husband told our congregation that he was praying for snow so he could help witness and minister to a lady he had seen shoveling out her driveway after our last snowstorm.  Thankful for this answer to prayer, this morning he got up early and hustled out the door to be able to shovel her walkway before she got up to do it herself.

As I went with my husband, we had the chance to meet Ruth.  Ruth is 87 years old and lives a couple streets away from the church.  She is a very lively lady and lives independently on her own.  She loves driving around town and shopping and visiting with everyone she meets and she usually shovels her driveway on her own but was so happy that someone came and helped her today.  She has a hair appointment tomorrow and was going to be working on her driveway all day so she could get her truck out of the garage.
The snow was so thick and heavy that even with both Chep and Mason working, it took over an hour to get her shoveled out!  Ruth tried to pay them for their hard work but they told her how it was a blessing for them to be able to help her and were able to witness to her about God's love and invited her to church.  I also told her that I would be back and to visit with her as she said she doesn't get out in the winter time as much as she would like.
After they finished at Ruth's house, Chep and Mason headed to check
on all the elderly ladies in our church to make sure everyone was shoveled out and able to get out and about if needed.
They worked hard today and were stiff, sore and cold after moving all that snow so I made sure to have a warm and hearty dinner ready for them when they got home.  Shepherd's pie is a favorite around here but also fitting today as they had been out all day checking and ministering to the sheep of our congregation.  I love the chance God gave us to minister today in the snow! 

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