Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring In Wyoming

Monday and Tuesday I was out enjoying the 60 degree spring weather and doing some landscaping around the church but today we woke up to this!
  A full out blizzard with a foot of snow and winds up to 55 miles per hour!  The snow drifts are up to 6 feet deep in places making everyone snowed in plus most of our city has shut down due to the weather conditions.
We had a missionary couple that are from the Philippines come in last night.  What a wonderful time we had talking with them and hearing what God was doing in their lives and ministry.  We got them settled for the night and were planning on taking them out to brunch today and again for dinner before church tonight, but the weather changed our plans.

With the roads so treacherous and the storm still raging on we knew we needed to make a run to Walmart and get some water and food for our missionaries.  The roads were a white out for most of the trip and we even saw a snowplow and several semi's that had gotten stuck.  We praised God when we pulled in Walmart and were able to get some fruit, soup,
sandwiches and coffee for our missionaries.

The streets in the subdivision where our missionaries are staying,
 were drifted three to four feet deep and the truck struggled to make it in some areas!  Again we praised God for helping us through the roads to deliver supplies to our missionaries!
Our missionary had planned to preach at our church tonight and then head down the road to their next meeting in Texas but because of the horrible weather and treacherous roads, my husband had to cancel services for safety.  Thankfully our missionary was able to rearrange his schedule and will stay with us through the weekend and preach for our Easter Sunday Services.
As I was talking with our missionary, I said that I really thought God brought us a blizzard just to keep him here for the next few days.  His wife has been extremely sick with morning sickness and is weak and exhausted.  Being here for a few more days will give her time to rest without traveling and driving and worrying about meeting and visiting with new people when she is feeling so miserable!.  I love how God looks out for all the needs of His children and I love how His storms bring a time of rest, even if it's just
for a missionary wife who is experiencing morning sickness!

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