Monday, March 28, 2016

A Wonderful Day

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Easter! 
There is no better place to be than in the Lord's house and we had such a wonderful time with our church family!
 As soon as my grandbabies got there I set them up for their Easter pictures.  Keith hates to have his picture taken with his sister but he actually hugged on his sister and I think it turned out to be the cutest picture!
Our sunrise services were amazing!  We had several people sing specials, act our monologues, read poems and recite the resurrection story.  Such a beautiful time to reflect on the resurrection of Christ.
Of course Breakfast was delicious and we are ate way too much!

For our main worship service and evening service, Mark and Jen Cruz were there to present their ministry to the Philippine people. 

Mark and Jen are so talented and played and sang such beautiful songs!  Mark then preached a fantastic message!
After our evening service, as the men had a short meeting, Jen showed us an amazing talent she has learned.  She made a tool with part of a sardine can and she took that tool and heated it over a candle and then used it to melt crayons on her tool.  She then used the tool to draw with the melted crayon.

When she finished it was a beautiful work of art!  Absolutely gorgeous!
I was flattered when she gave this to me and will think of and pray for them and their ministry every time I pass this picture!
It was another wonderful day to be in the Lord's house and in His service! 

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