Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Serving with Love

I absolutely love this picture!  Today was our monthly Foodbank day for our community and one of the ladies was extremely tired and weary after coming out in the cold air and was having trouble breathing.  As soon as one of young men approached her to help her with her box, she grabbed hold of his hand to steady her and help her walk and pick out her food.  How calm and patient this young man was as he served with love!
We had so many families come for help today and one of the most memorable was a family that went through the line and when they got to the shampoo and conditioners, they just stopped!  The lady looked at us in amazement and explained to us how she had just been counting her change and hoping she had enough for some shampoo and conditioner! 
We told her that God knew exactly what she needed and were able
 to witness to her of God's goodness!
So thankful that God has given us this opportunity to serve our community by giving out not only food for their bodies but also food for their souls!

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