Monday, January 11, 2016

Expecting Great Things

Saturday we took our teens to Gillette, Wyoming to a New Years Youth rally. 
It was a looonnnggg ride, we left at 5am and didn't get back until 8pm that night!  The teens love long van trips because they get to laugh, joke and goof off with Pastor Mason!  Although it was a long ride, the teens had so much fun and it's always great to meet new teens and hear good preaching! 
On Sunday mornings I always make sure that there are cookies and treats on the coffee table.  No matter how long I have been without sugar, the smell of sugar makes me want to take a bite, but I stayed strong and all the treats made it to the coffee table without my having a nibble!

We need a new Sunday School worker in the nursery and I volunteered to do it until we find someone.  Usually nursery is just playtime for the little ones but this week I wanted to start a song and story time.  We only had one in nursery yesterday but every little one is so special in God's eyes.  Little lady loved song time and just sat in my lap and watched my face as I sang to her!  I found some new flannel graph pictures on Amazon and told the creation story.  The creation story has so many animals and we spent a lot of  time making animal noises!  She loved it and we will do the same thing next week!
After an amazing Sunday last week, I asked God to do the same thing this week! Bring us visitors, a salvation, let us see growth in our people and just to see His hand working in the services and peoples hearts.  All the visitors we had last week came back this week but I was disappointed not to see any new visitors and we had no salvations.  The services were good but I was expecting great and mighty things and I didn't see anything!  As I prayed and told God I felt disappointed, he whispered to me that great things are not always what we expect.  He told me He was working in hearts and that was something I couldn't see.  He does great things we can see in the positive and also in the negative and sometimes He does great things without us seeing. 
 I stopped right then and thanked God for all He did and told Him I was sorry for holding Him up to my expectations because as we know, His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts!  I am so thankful
His great things are not what we expect!


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