Thursday, January 14, 2016

Healthy Dinners

We have several elderly ladies in our church who are living independently but have trouble cooking because of health issues and also because of dietary restrictions.  These ladies have been buying TV dinners because they are easy to cook but very high in sodium, not healthy and also just plain expensive.  Someone approached me and asked what we could do to help these ladies and after praying about it, God gave me the idea of making healthy, filling meals and freezing them in individual servings.  Today I made six different dinners and I was able to divide these into containers to feed each lady for almost a month!  Tonight my husband helped me pack everything in the car and deliver these freezer meals to our ladies.  The ladies were so thankful and excited to have healthy meals made specially for them!  Next month I plan on asking some of the ladies at church help me as this is a needed ministry for the dear elderly saints in our church.

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