Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goodbye Sugar (Again!)

Saturday Night I made an Ooey Gooey Butter cake and it was so good!
 I have to admit I absolutely love sugar and am, in fact, addicted to it!  Last spring Chep and I went on diets of healthy eating and exercise and over 6 months we lost over 30 pounds each!  Sadly life got busy for us again and I stopped cooking healthy and we stopped exercising and taking daily walks.  In only a few months all the weight we lost last summer came back! I was so happy when I was losing weight and loved being able to fit in smaller sized clothing!  My husband and I decided we had to get back on our diets and this time stick to it, no matter how busy or hectic our lives get.

I talked with several people in our church who I have heard saying in the last several months that they too need to lose weight.  We got together and talked it out and decided to go on a high protein/low carb diet together. 
This way we can encourage one another, share recipes, exercise together and help each other when we feel like giving up!  You know theses ladies are dedicated to losing as they let me take their picture!  We are all excited to start our diet together.  We will pose for and post another picture in five months and we are praying we will all see some big results!

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