Monday, April 7, 2014

April Youth Rally

Every April our church hosts the Bible Quizzing for Southeast Wyoming
and Nebraska and Saturday our church was packed with teenagers vying for the Bible Quizzing trophy. We had seven churches participating this year and all the kids did amazing as they answered questions and quoted Bible verses.
The competition was fierce and our teens came in third place,
only two points behind the the winning team!  

For game time, Mr. Mason taped huge squares on the cement floor
and played line games. One of the favorites was human PacMan.
The kids ran and screamed with laughter as they followed the lines trying to avoid being touched by the PacMan and being frozen. 

The teens also played Line Basketball, Warlords and Dodgeball.
Everyone had a blast and were exhausted and ready
 for food by the time game time was over. 

For dinner we made walking tacos which is a crushed bag of Doritos with a scoop of taco meat, (meat, beans, seasonings) and a scoop of cheese.
Easy to make, no mess and the teens loved them!  
We also had bottles of Root Beer and cookies for dessert. 

It was a really great day with lots of teens, lots of fun and lots of fellowship!  The next Bible Quizzing is at Camp Grace in June and our teens
will again have the chance to compete for the trophy!  

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