Saturday, March 29, 2014

Redecorating the Nursery

Our church nursery has been my least favorite room in the church since we moved here three years ago.  It is small and overstuffed with toys and furniture and just looks so unwelcoming.
It has this small mural on the wall but it was only done
in black and white and no color.

The nursery room also has the kitchen in it which just helps
 to make it feel even less like a nursery.
In January I walked in the nursery one night and thought how uninviting our nursery looked to visitors and decided that our nursery needed
 redecorated and it needed redecorated desperately!
Saraina and I took several weeks and looked online at different church nurseries and different decorating ideas and pinned everything we liked to Pinterest..  We came up with a design that we thought would be warm and welcoming and that the little kids would love!  We then set to work!

We decided to we wanted to put brightly colored murals on every wall. 
 We picked Daniel and the lions den, Noah's ark, Jonah and the whale, the ravens feeding Elijah and David watching the sheep.  Using the computer and the video projector, we drew the murals on the wall.  Chandler and Mason are wonderful artists and also drew several pictures free hand.

We then started painting the walls.  When we started the nursery I was expecting to get everything done within a month but our schedule has been so hectic that painting the murals has taken us two and a half months!

After we finished painting, we sprayed a coat of clear shellac
 over the murals to protect them from damage.

Chandler and Mason then set to work putting together all the furniture and shelves.  So many instructions and so many parts!

Little Man wanted to help too so he found a screwdriver and put the screwdriver in a hole he found in one of the boxes.  So much fun to help!
And here are the pictures of the finished nursery.

Much more colorful, organized and inviting! 
I absolutely love the change as it looks like a totally different room and
I think it will be a much more comfortable and welcoming place to be.
I am so excited to have finished this project and ready to start
a new project, but one that does not require me to paint!

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