Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Aisle 6" and Why We Coupon

 Everyone knows Saraina and I love to shop and of course use coupons.  Saraina and I started couponing two years ago and while we do no think we are quite the extreme couponing, we do hit all the good buys and try to get everything we can for free or very cheap. Saraina got Huggies wipes for free this week and was so excited to stock up on wipes for the baby! I was able to get 5 things of deodorant, three cans of hairspray and
2 bottles of shampoo for $1.18! Such good deals!

The big joke at our house is when anyone runs out of something,
Chep or Mason yell, "Go check Aisle 6".  I have a very good stock of anything you could want or need and we are rarely in want of anything.

I think all couponers are criticized for their huge stock piles of cereal, toothbrushes and deodorant. Saraina is always posting her latest deal on Facebook and when people see her 20 bottles of laundry soap or 50 cans of shaving cream they call her a hoarder.  When people call us hoarders I have to laugh as they do not realize what we do with all our stock pile.

First off, we feed our families and make sure everyone is wearing deodorant, has white shiny teeth and has beautiful hair.  My husband is always asking why we did not start couponing a long time ago.  We spend very little money on the things we need, which helps us to save so much money!  We also eat better than we ever have in our marriage.  We never buy no name or generic food items and there are months when I do not go grocery shopping at all because we have so much in our stock pile.  My husband also loves that we never run out of personal care items.  Whenever he needs a new razor, body wash or a new stick of deodorant, all he has to do is go to "Aisle 6". 

Secondly we give, and we are able to give a lot.  When there is a need in the church for food for a family, Saraina and I can outfit a family with enough food and personal items to last them a month.  I also give a lot of stuff to our teens.  All the girls love all the chap stick and makeup I have and the boys are always asking for their favorite cereal.  I have one teen boy that is always telling me how much I love him because I take care of all his needs!  In the spring and summer we are constantly having missionaries come through our area and stopping at our church.  I take them to "Aisle 6" and make sure they have everything their family needs.    One young lady that came through last summer with her husband cried when I gave her a nice razor and expensive kind of shampoo.  She said she had been buying the cheap disposable razors because they were so cheap and that's all they could afford.
 It's so expensive to be out on deputation and this is one way I can help ease a burden for missionaries and I love being able to do it!

Last month we had one our favorite evangelists come and preach at our church for the week.  One night Brother Brackett, came up to me and asked, "Hey, can I go look in Aisle 6, I need a new razor.".  
I smiled and told him of course! 

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