Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Quick Trip Home

Because my mother-in-law's health has rapidly declined in the last couple of weeks my husband decided last night that we needed to make a quick trip home to see her and help make decisions for her future care. 

I love driving the long drive in the middle of the night!  My husband usually drives the first five hours and after I have napped while he has drove, I drive the last three hours as he sleeps.  I love driving through the mountains and valleys with only the stars and moon for light.  I use this quiet time to sing and pray and there are always tears as God and I do business.  I had such a sweet time of fellowship with God and was actually a little sad when we pulled into town a little after three in the morning and my time with God had to end. My mom had beds made up and ready for us and we crashed for a few hours of sleep before heading to see my husbands mom. 

Before today, Patty had never met her grandson.  As her health has declined, she has asked over and over and especially in the last few days, for us to bring Keith to meet her.  Saraina is the sweetest daughter-in-law and packed on a minutes notice to go with us.  Patty was so happy to finally meet her grand baby and it light up her face with joy.  

Of course Little Man got very bored of sitting and talking to his grandma and stole her walker and stared pushing it down the hallway.  It brought a smile to his grandma's face and kept him quiet and entertained for little while.  

Tomorrow is going to a long and emotional day as many decisions need to be made before we head back to Wyoming later this week. 

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