Friday, January 17, 2014

A Few Things I Love About Idaho

After a quick few days Idaho, we got back home late last night. 
 Today we were off and running with foodbank arriving early this morning and several things that needed done at church.  Even though we were only in Idaho a few days and we had so much to get accomplished we still fitted in some shopping and visiting with our favorite people.
We stayed with my mom and she of course spoiled me! 
She cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us and I say my mom is the best cook ever!  We stayed up late talking and looking at old pictures and laughing about so many things!
We can never go to Idaho and not go to Artic Circle for a Swiss Mushroom burger and fries.  Of course they have the best fry sauce ever!

Keith met his cousins for the first time and absolutely loved them! 
At one point Damien came out in the living room and asked Saraina why Keith had Uncle Chep's face.  Sariana was a little confused until she realized he was saying Keith looked like just his Pappa.
  So funny for a ten year old to notice!

Of course we could never go back and not see my Uncle Allen.  A driveway is the only thing that seperated our house from his so I was always at his house or working outside in the yard with him.  He truly is my second dad!

I was able to squeeze in a quick visit with my very best friend from school.  Even now, after all these years, she is the only one I confide in
and truly share my heart with! 

My husband spoiled me and let me buy as many Mallo-Nut bars as I wanted!  After you have tasted a Farr's candy bar you will never be happy with any other!  They are amazing! 

My baby brother stopped at my mom's house so he could meet his nefew.  He is such a nut and always makes me laugh!  Love Him!

My beautiful neice was one of the nurses at the nursing home Chep's mom was in.  She was trying to ignore me and not laugh as I followed
her around taking pictures of her "hard at work".

We were able to do a little shoppioing at a couple of our favorite stores.  Winco is our favorite grocery store with barrels and barrels of bulk stuff.  Such good stuff at such good prices and we bought a bunch
 of goodies for our drive home.

Before leaving we stopped and visited with my spiritual mom.  Margaret is a lady who you can not be around for any amount of time without being uplifted and edified.  She is a total ball of happiness and excitement as she shares the goodness of God.  She is the one I call when I do not know what to do or I need prayer about something and she fills me with verses and wise counsel from the Bible.   She is the Biblical woman I strive to be!

Taking one last look out the window at the beautiful Idaho mountains I was sad to leave behind such wonderful people but as always, am excited to get back home to the ministry and people God has given us in Wyoming!

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