Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Stage of Ministry

Church today was a rough in many ways. 
Little Man got to church this morning and the first thing he did was go to Pappa's office.  He pushed on the door, banged on the door and even yelled at the door but no one opened it for him. 
 He was heartbroken not to be able to see his Pappa!
His Pappa was filling in on the bus today.  Our bus captain called this morning to let my husband know he was stuck in a blizzard and would not be able to make it in time for church.  Since my husband is the only other one who can drive the bus, he ran to get the bus and run the bus route. 

  We also had two Sunday School teachers call in at the last minute this morning to let us know they were sick and unable to make it.  Thankfully we have some very talented and marvelous people who were willing and able to teach those classes this morning.
In between Sunday School and main service, as all the kids were using the restroom before Jr. Church, one of the toilets plugged.  As the kids lined up impatiently in the hallway waiting for the other restroom, one of our wonderful teens offered to fix the toilet. Thank You Ryan!
This morning I taught Jr. Church for the last time.  For the last year God has impressed on my heart that I needed to step down from Jr. Church and be more of a helpmeet to my husband during morning services by meeting and greeting people as they come in and also be there to help with salvation's during the invitation.   We have had no one that could (or wanted) to teach Jr. Church in my place until Jeff and Becky moved here last week.  They are so excited to be teaching this age group and I know they will do great.  It actually was very emotional for me as I have been teaching Jr. Church for the last twenty years!  I have loved the kids I have taught over these many years and have always thought it was a great privilege and and awesome responsibility to share the gospel with these kids each week.  I am so sad to have this season of my ministry over but I am also looking forward to this new stage of ministry and seeing how God will use it in my life. 

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