Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little of Everything

It was a very busy week and although I did not have a lot of time to post,
I thought I'd share a few pictures of our week.
Our week started off with a wonderful day at church. 
We had visitors in adult services and several visitors from the bus too! 
In the older Jr. Church we had a lesson on salvation and two kids got saved! 

On Monday our new Music director and his wife moved
here from Oklahoma.  We had lots of men show up to help them unload and get moved into their house.  Our guys always have such a good time together no matter what they're doing and everyone was laughing and joking of course eating pizza.  (We can't do anything without eating!) 
We have know Becky for many, many years and just love her and her husband Jeff and we are so excited they are here. 

  As soon as Keith gets into the church he takes off his coat and shoes and runs up and down the hallways looking for people to talk to or something to do.  When people started arriving at church on Wednesday, he was sitting in the hallway playing with the muffins from the little kitchen in the nursery. 

Our nursery was full Wednesday night!  So glad to see so many little ones!
Friday Night the teens were scattered all over the sanctuary
as they studied for the upcoming Bible quizzing next week.  Mr. Mason turned Hebrews 13 into a game and the teens had so much fun!

Today the men got together to continue working on the new building. 
They talked and measured and talked some more as they
figured out how big to make the sound box.

Measuring and putting up the lines for the ceiling.
Putting up the sound booth walls.
It is so exciting to see everything they do! 
We are anxiously awaiting a truck from back east that has more building materials on it.  Prayerfully we will be able to finish everything soon and then we will begin turning the old sanctuary into much needed
Sunday School classrooms and a fellowship hall.
It has been a very busy week but I am so looking forward
 to being in God's house tomorrow to rest and worship Him as we start
another week of service for Him!

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  1. The nursery! I always enjoyed working there and loving on those babies. I'm glad everything is going well.