Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gone Fishing

It's time for another year of Bible Adventures and I am so excited
 as I have so much planned for the kids this year!
I was so sad to paint over my mural of Heaven and the "Great Race"
as it was one of my favorite murals I've done.

This year we will be studying Acts so we drew a map
of Paul's Missionary journey's on the wall.

Mason and Chandler took so much time and carefully drew and painted the map and all the cities we would be visiting in Bible Adventures this year.

I think the wall turned out great and will help the kids visualize
and see exactly where each weeks story takes place. 
On the other wall we drew a full size fishing pond where the kids will each have a fish that will keep track of their progress through the year.
Each kid gets a book this year with verses from each weeks story and various activities they can do as they learn about missionaries and how to share the gospel.  The teens leaders that are helping also have a book that they need to finish each week that also has the same verses the kid are learning and a reading from Acts and questions from the reading.

We have a few new puppets this year, Grandpa Leo who loves fishing
and his grandchildren, Zoey and Gavin, who Grandpa Leo is teaching to fish.  Last night they learned that fishing takes a lot of waiting and patience!  When Gavin complained and said he didn't like to wait,
Grandpa Leo told him that the apostles had to wait too when Jesus told them to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost came. 
 It was a great story to start our study on Acts on.

Instead of Lawrence this year, we have two monsters that love to cause trouble!  SA and TAN (Do you get their names?) were scaring all the fish and hoping the kids wouldn't have enough patience to keep waiting to catch fish. The kids loved them but wanted to know where Lawrence was!
When the kids say their weekly verses, they then get to go fishing and try to get a fish.  Each fish has a number on it that coincides with a prize bucket.  Although we didn't say any verses last night, all the kids got to try to catch a fish and get a prize.
The first night of Bible Adventures went great and we had a lot of fun and the kids are so excited to come back next week and find out if Zoey and Gavin ever did catch a fish!  "Gone Fishing" is going  be a great year!

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