Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who You Gonna Call - "MothBusters"

Every year during the second week of June, we here in Wyoming,
are plagued with moths.  I am talking hundreds and hundreds of moths!   I had to laugh as, at church everyone was talking about how they were combating the problem and how many moths they have killed. 
During this time we do not open any windows and try to not open the door wider than a few inches to squeeze in, but no matter how careful we are, the moths still find a way in the house!  (Notice the picture Chandler drew for all the people that regularly wander around in our yard at night!)
The moths are terrible and drive me nuts as they fly in my face and hair,
 join me in the shower, land in my food and leave little poop marks on my walls!  Every year during this time of the moths I think back to the plagues of Egypt and even though I know the moths are not anywhere near as bad as the plague of flies or the plague of frogs or lice, it still gives
me a small taste of that trying time. 
Every night we spend an hour or two killing all the moths and every night and morning my floors are littered with dead little moth bodies!  I am constantly vaccuuming and sweeping the floors and washing the walls!  This season of moths last exactly two weeks and at the end of the third week of June the moths will disappear as suddenly as they came!  I am so tired of the moths and am praying that they disappear very, very soon!

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