Friday, July 19, 2013

Summertime is so Busy!

We are still here, really we are, it just seems like summertime hits and we are so busy!  The ministry never slows down and between church, church activities, counseling people, visitation and the hundreds of other things that need to be done I have not had a lot of extra time to blog.
What have we been doing so far this summer?

We painted a rainbow table for the preschool class.
Lots of fun lessons and activities for Jr. Church

Working on the inside of the building
Drowning and killing prairie dogs and working on the lawn
 and all the weeds and cactus! 

Ladies G.A.B. Night and crafts.
Digging and building a new back porch.

Someone fell through the ceiling while fixing the electrical which brought down two feet of fluffy insulation to cover every surface in Chep's office.
Having missionary families pass through and getting  the privilege of fellowshipping and serving them.  Brother Tim and Cara were so fun and even went up to Camp Grace with us for the day to meet and encourage Mason.  (I still say Bro. Tim is Mason's twin!  Scary how alike they are!)
We were able to sneak away for one day and headed to South Dakota to get my brother's cats for him as he continues to serve in Afghanistan. 
Of course this is just a very small peek at the busyness of the last month and we loving all God is giving us to do as we continue
to serve Him here in Wyoming!

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