Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland (Again!!!)

This was the view we woke up to this morning!
This is the third Wednesday in the last four weeks that we have had major snowfall and although we do need the moisture, I am getting tired of the white stuff.  I mean it is May 1st after all!

The snowfall was so heavy last night that it snapped several large branches off the trees.  This branch missed the power line into our house by about an inch!  Praise God!  The weather is supposed to warm up quickly and we are praying the snow will be gone by this weekend!

After church tonight Mason and a few of the boys ran around trying to find the longest icicle.  This is Mason's but he said one of the little kid's found one that was longer!
This morning my husband was looking in the drawer under the stove for a frying pan and pulled out an old pan that should have been thrown away long ago.  He told me he thought it was time for me to throw a few things away.  I laughed as I told him about the Clutter Busting Challenge  at Money Saving Mom this month. 

So today I cleaned out the stove drawer and also the cupboard above the stove and I did finally throw away the frying pan, and a few other odds and ends.  (Mason graduated a year ago and I have not used the leftover napkins from his party yet and I know I probably never will!)  A bunch of trash for my first day of clutter busting but a good start, looking forward to seeing what I find tomorrow! 


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