Monday, April 29, 2013

Work and Play

Saraina's birthday was on Saturday, so I today I whisked her out of town for a girls day out.  We ended up in Fort Collins where they have such an awesome Downtown area.  We window shopped in some amazing stores, sat and had ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful day! 
Keith played on the animal statutes in the Square and got
 a very special toy from the Learning Store.  He was so good but totally exhausted after spending all day out!

As we were out playing, my dear sweet husband stayed home
 to work.  Although Monday is usually his only day off, there is always so much to do around the church.  Today he dug holes, filled holes and moved rock all day.   I got home in time to cheer him on as he finished moving the last of the pile of rocks and to feed him fried chicken before he collapsed exhausted on the couch.  Definitely a hard day of work and play for both of us. (Okay harder for him than for me!)

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