Thursday, May 2, 2013

24 Hours of Prayer for the Building

The building is coming along step by step as the funds and materials
come in.  We do not feel God wants us to go into debt as we build so sometimes the work seems to go very slow.  We really need the extra room in this building and want to be moved in as soon as possible but have a lot to do on the inside before it is ready.  We have seen God do so many miraculous things when we pray and we are excited to see what God will do with our building.  Knowing the power of prayer, my husband called a special 24 hours of nonstop pray for the building.  Church services ended last night with group prayer as everyone fervently prayed over the building.  People then have been coming and going, in half hour to hour increments all night and all day, to keep the building covered in prayer.  My husband came home a little before midnight last night and took a short nap before going back to the church at three this morning to pray some more. 
 This special time of prayer will end at 8 pm tonight and we excited
to see what God will do through this!

Today for the Clutter Busting Challenge I cleaned out a a bin
that I have been storing in the hall closet for almost three years.  It was full of chargers for various cell phones we have had over the years.  Every time I find a cord I just throw it in the bin and never think about it again.  Way past time to throw them out!  Along with the almost 20 charger cords, I thought it was time to throw away my favorite camera!  Of course, it never worked properly again after it fell in a stream of freshly melted snow as we were ATVing in the mountains many years ago.  Also in the bin was an old cell phone, a MP3 player someone lost and never claimed at our old church, a electric Bible/dictionary and a new battery I bought for my favorite camera hoping it would help revive it!   I am so glad I finally threw all these away
 and now I have an empty bin I can take to church and fill with
craft stuff to help organize my craft closet there.

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