Monday, May 27, 2013

The House is So Quiet!

We were up and out the door this morning before six to get Mason
 to the airport on time.  With Memorial Day weekend, the airport was so crowded but Mason got to his gate with time to spare.

I stood trying to hold back the tears as I watched him
 go through security and then I couldn't see him anymore.   My baby boy was gone!  I praise God and thank Him for giving me the last 18 years to raise this child for Him and I thank God for Mason having a heart to do God's work, but I still feel like part of me is missing without him here.
On the way home from Denver we stopped at Cracker Barrel
to have our last breakfast.  I say last breakfast because with Mason gone, we no longer have to cook or shop for him and we have decided to do a 60 Day Juice Fast.  Chep will be giving up coffee for the next 60 days too so he fully enjoyed his last cup this morning.  When we got back home and walked in the house, the quietness seemed to overwhelm me
and reminded me that Mason was gone. 
When we got home we took Keith shopping with us as we stocked the fridge with veggies and fruits to start juicing tomorrow.  He sat in the cart and had so much fun playing with the steering wheel.  I so appreciated his baby hugs and kisses today!  We then headed back home for a barbecue with Chandler and Saraina and then went for a walk together.   It was just so weird to be spending family time together without Mason.  
The house, our family is just so quiet without him and his huge personality! 
Definitely something that will take some time getting used too.

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