Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Party for Mason

Since Mason will be gone on his birthday on the 6th for his birthday 
we had a Going Away/Birthday party for him tonight.  We had burgers and chips and his favorite drink, Mountain Dew.

Of course the noodles came out and Chand and Mason had an intense sword fight.  They have been fighting with noodles for over a decade and it never gets old for them.  They have graduated from noodles to Chinese fighting sticks and then to real swords but I was so glad they were back to noodles tonight as the real swords always worry me!
Chandler and Mason are truly best friends and I hate to see them separated.  When Chandler went to Bible College it was a very difficult year for Mason.  Roles are about to be changed and I think Chandler will struggle just a bit without his little brother this time.

Mason's favorite gift was a replica Tomahawk.  He has an awesome collection of knives and swords and has wanted this Tomahawk for a while.
Keith loved being outside and sitting in the grass. 
He kept picking individual strands and trying to eat them.  Yummy!

After dinner we played a few of our favorite games
 and we laughed and laughed!  Chandler and Mason are so funny and usually have us laughing so hard we cry and tonight was no exception!
We pray that God speaks to Mason through this experience but we also pray that summer will pass fast as we will miss Mason so much!


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