Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Fun Day

Saturday we had Family Fun Day and it truly was so much fun!
Keith helping daddy fill up water balloons before everyone showed up.

The two winners of our costume contest,
Maid Marion and painter Bob Ross.  Maid Marion even did a bow and arrow demonstration, which was amazing to watch!

We had various carnival games for the kids,
a cake walk, fishing pond, beanbag toss, penny toss and face painting.
I thought this little tiger guy was adorable as he sat and talked with Keith.
The volleyball game was one of the favorites of the day. 
The Tug-a-War and my husband wants everyone to know, this was NOT the winning team!  (Yes, my husband was on the winning team and was upset I didn't get a picture of his team!)

A couple of the ladies made us an awesome Spaghetti Dinner! 
It was so good!
After dinner there was an intense football game.  I thought a few of the men were going to break something the way they were diving for the ball!

At the end of the day, the water games felt so cool and refreshing!
We had so much fun and we even had a couple of visiting families join us for the fun!  Definitely something we are going to do again next summer!


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