Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God Knew

For Sunday services, Missionary Don long was here to tell us about Shepherds Ministries, a very special ministry for the mentally disabled.
When they arrived Saturday night we took them out to dinner and had a wonderful time.  Don and his wife Sandy are truly amazing people with such loving hearts for God and all His people and we had such a wonderful time fellowshipping with them.  During dinner Sandy asked me if she could teach my Jr. Church class on Sunday.  I was very unsure about this as we had just started a new series and I wanted to build off the lesson last week but after praying about it I felt God was leading for Sandy to teach for me.
I had not been feeling the best Saturday night and by Sunday morning I knew I needed to go into Urgent Care.  As I sat in the waiting room I emailed my friend and told her it was so amazing how God knew I was not going to be able to teach my class that morning and had sent someone to teach in my place.  Thankfully I was seen within minutes and was able to get back to church just as Sunday School was being released.  Although I was back in time to teach Jr. Church, I did not feel like I could have stood there and taught for an hour and was once again thankful for Sandy teaching for me.  After services I gave Sandy a hug and told her how much I appreciated her and she just smiled at me and said, "God knew". 
After services we had a potluck and since it had warmed up outside and since there is no way we can sit our people in the church for fellowship anymore, we had our potluck in the new building.
It was so nice having so much room!
Everyone was able to sit down in the same area and enjoy fellowship together.  Sitting in the new building also got everyone so excited and talking about what needed to be done to get the new sanctuary done. 
It was a very good day full of God's blessing
 and I am so thankful for the good preaching, the wonderful food and most of all I am thankful that God knew and took care of every detail of the day before I could even worry about it! 


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