Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy, Busy Week!

Since getting home on Monday night we have been running and trying to get so many things done before services tomorrow. 
Chep spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on the church driveway and parking area. They are planning on having trucks start bringing in rock soon and the area needed to be cleaned up, raked and measured out.
We also had a bunch of pallets lining the driveway to keep people from backing into the fence.  I am so glad my husband picked them up and burned them as I thought they made the church parking lot look trashy.
Wednesday Night was the last race of the year for the puppets. 
Even Melissa, who had quit running after only a few months, came to run the last race.  The puppets who had been practicing every day did the best at running this last race, while the puppets who did not practice finished in last place.  Melissa and Ryan wanted a chance to run the race over again but I told them that just like in life, you only get a chance to run the race once.  The kids learned that it is so important to live everyday for God
 and not just when they feel like it or when it's convenient. 
Wednesday was also the last night to say Bible verses
for this year's Bible Adventures.  Chandler does such a good job helping 
the kids who can't read yet.
One thing I have wanted to do was spruce up the inside of the church.  I think the walls have really started to look shabby and in desperate need of new paint.  Saraina went with me and helped me pick out colors and 
we have been busy for the last three days painting.

We have two bathrooms and they are very plain
and at the top of my list to repaint.

The boys bathroom turned out so cute! 
I bought a western style mirror to replace the ugly mirror piece. 

I think the girls bathroom turned out so cute!  I love the mirror as the girls bathroom also had just a plain mirror piece like the boys. 
We all took a short break this morning as Sportsman's Warehouse opened here in Cheyenne and Chep and Mason had to go.  It was so crowded and it felt like the whole state had turned out for the Grand Opening.  Pappa had to buy Little Man his first Coon skin cap!
This afternoon Chep took the teens to Bible quizzing. 
Our teens again came in second place and one of our girls quizzed out!  I think all the hard work is definitely paying off!
While Chep was off with the teens I worked on the church bulletin
and also worked on a bit of cleaning.  Saraina, my so sweet Daughter-in-Love worked on painting the entry way of the church.  She got all the walls painted and it is looking so good so far.  Next week we will paint the trim in the entry way and hopefully lay new flooring.
We also had missionaries pull in tonight and my sweet husband took us all out to eat.  We had such good fellowship and I am so excited to hear our missionary preach tomorrow.  We are having a potluck tomorrow after the morning services so I also have been cooking all day.  Since we are feeding all the bus kids I try to make a few extra dishes just for them.
A very busy week and very busy day and I am totally exhausted but am so excited to be in the Lord's house tomorrow!


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