Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Praying for Ben" Quilt

Yesterday, my brother Ben left for a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan.  Throughout the last couple of years, three of my brothers have done several rotations in Afghanistan and this will be Ben's second tour there.  I think it's ironic that two years ago this week started a very rough time for Ben in his life.  During the last two years, as he has gone through this difficult time,
 I have seen my brother run to God as the situation has threatened to overwhelm him.   I have watched him call out to God, search the Bible for answers and come out with a more closer and deeper relationship with God
 than he has ever had before.  Through his attitude and what God has taught him, he has showed me how to be a better Christian too, and how to stay strong in God, even when your world falls totally apart.
I know as he flys and travels to his assignment that the situation
in his life is still very heavy on his heart.  I don't need to tell anyone how dangerous it is in Afghanistan but it is even more dangerous when something is weighing heavy on your mind.  To keep myself from constantly worrying about him I wanted to start a quilt for him which I'll call
"Praying for Ben".  Of course I'll pray for Ben everyday throughout the day, but I plan on working on the quilt everyday and during that time
 pray specifically and fervently for him.
I talked to Ben for a few minutes on Monday night and asked him what his favorite colors were and his answer, "You know, browns, leather and burlap".  As I drove around from store to store yesterday, I picked a few things I thought matched what he said and a few ideas started forming in my mind.  I picked up several different shades of brown, materials with a lot of texture, a little leather and a roll of burlap.  I am excited to start cutting today and to pray for my brother as he begins another tour.  Please pray with me for all our men and women that are fighting for our freedom, here and overseas.


  1. Amy, I love this idea! My nephew is getting ready to head over to Afghanistan. This will be his first tour there after two tours in Iraq.

    I am thankful for our military! I'll be adding your brother to our prayer list.

    1. Thank you Lori, I will be praying for you nephew too!