Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Blizzard

This what our church looks like during a blizzard! 
For the last three days we had have had blizzard like conditions and it seems that everything in the city has shut down.  From schools to restaurants, stores, government offices and so much more.  The roads have been treacherous and many roads, highways and the Interstates outside city limits have been closed.  My husband never cancels church because you never know who will come for services and he always wants to have the doors open for that reason.  We had four families come to services last night and we had a wonderful time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship.  I had to laugh as one of our young ladies has a huge four wheel drive truck and offered to pick up anyone who could not make it through the roads.  She was disappointed no one took her up on her offer!

We had four kids in Bible Adventures and we had a great time
 learning about reverence and Mr. Chandler told a wonderful Bible story about the Ark of the Covenant.  We hate when we are missing so many kids but the kids that were there loved it, as it gave them a chance to catch up and pass the other kids on the race track by saying their verses.
Today the sun is out and there are rivers running down the streets
 as all the snow melts.  We are praying we have seen the last of the snow and hope to see spring head our way soon! 

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