Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can We Do it Again?

We have had been having Bible Quizzing every Monday night
for the last month and after the Bible Quizzing Saturday,
(We placed second again!) they asked if we could keep meeting every Monday.  Since we will be meeting every Monday with the teens we decided to have them come an hour earlier and do an activity each week with them.  This week since it is snowing, we hooked the sleds up to the trucks and wildly drove them all over the church field.

They had a blast and even Keith got his first sledding ride,
albeit the truck drove much, much slower for him!  After the kids were frozen we headed inside for hot chocolate and hot soup.  We finally got everyone settled down and were able to work on the Bible Quizzing for an hour before we packed everyone up and took them all home.   The last thing they asked as they walked out the door was, "Can we do it again next Monday?!". 
We told them if there was still snow on the ground and with how it is snowing here, that is very likely!

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