Monday, April 1, 2013

Gary and the Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever!

After such a busy week preparing for Easter Sunday and then Easter services itself, my husband wanted to escape for a few hours.  With the idea of escape in mind we headed up the road and had lunch at his favorite barbecue pit.  It was a relaxing lunch and we had such a nice time sitting and talking and praying.
We got home right before the teens weekly Bible Quizzing practice. 
One of our dear sweet church lady made us a pan
of her absolutely fabulous and delicious cinnamon rolls. 
She brings to all our fellowships and they disappear in seconds! 
The teens also devoured them in seconds!  I had made a crock pot full of Spaghetti Soup, a new recipe I found and thought it looked good.  I was wrong and thought it was very nasty but the boys each ate four bowls!
We had five teens tonight and they practiced so hard.  We have one more practice before the Bible Quiz and I think we will be ready!
While the teens were here, Chep had gone to our local Ranch and Home store and came home with this.
This is Gary as Chandler and Mason have officially named him.  
Gary is a Cayuga duck and should love to eat bugs when he gets bigger and bugs are definitely what we have here! 
Gary fell in love with Chandler who can perfectly whistle like a fellow duckling and has a warm hoodie to snuggle into.

Mason has always wanted a duck and has adopted Gary.  It looks like Gary is quite taken with Mason too and thinks he should be allowed to sleep on Mason's shoulder.  Gary was very upset when we put him in his tub for the night!   Looks like Gary will be a nice additon to our family.

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