Monday, April 1, 2013

Amazing Sunrise

I absolutely love Sunrise service on Easter morning! 
 There is just something about singing "Christ Arose" and "He Lives" as the we watch the sun come up.  It was so exciting to have over sixty people at sunrise services this year!
Of course after Sunrise services we had a huge breakfast.
And of course we had way too much food, but it was so good!

As our church grows and grows our little fellowship area
seems to shrink and shrink!  We had peopl all over trying to find a place to sit and eat and when the seats ran out people just stood.  We will be so happy when the new sanctuary is done and we can move the fellowship hall into the old sanctuary!
While we cleaned up and waited for next service,
the boys all gathered for a game of basketball.

The auditorium was full for services and we had several visiting families.  Mr. Chandler's class was overflowing with 13 teens!
In Jr. Church we learned focused on the tears of Mary Magdalene as she watched Jesus be crucified and also later as she went to Jesus' tombstone and didn't find him there.  We talked about how we sometimes have tears here on earth, how there are always weeping and tears in Hell and how in Heaven God promises to wipe away all tears and there would be no more tears there forever.  For the craft we then made cross bracelets with the colors of the wordless book.

We have had several salvations in the last few weeks and so we were blessed to be able to watch three of those people get baptized! 

It was a very long day but there is no better way to spend Easter Sunday, than to be in the house of the Lord from sunrise to sunset!
Up From the Grave He Arose With a Mighty Triumph Over His Foes,
 He Arose a Victor From the Dark Domai and He Lives Forever with His Saints to Reign,
He Arose, He Arose, Hallelujah Christ Arose!


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