Thursday, October 11, 2012

Song Wall

Psalm 100 - Make a joyful nosie unto the Lord, all ye lands.
I love to sing songs with the kids as we begin Jr. Church and one thing I do most weeks is use my Song Wall. 
Each week I pick five or six kids, depending on how many songs
 I want to sing, and let them pick a square.  All the other kids in the room are usually rooting them on and telling them what color of square to pick.  Once they pick a sqaure, they then pull it off the wall
 and that is the song we sing.

Of course we have a bunch of fun songs that the kids love, Jesus Loves Me, The Jungle Song, Wonderful Words of Life, I Believe the Bible, The Wordless Book Song and the list goes on and on!
The wall was very easy to make.  First I cut different colors of squares out of foam.  I wrote a song we know on the back of each one and then put a small ball of sticky tack on the back of each and put them on the wall.  The sticky tack lets them be pulled off the wall over and attached again over and over without hurting the wall.  The I cut "Psalm 100" and some musical notes out of foam and attached them as a title piece for the wall I mounted everything on.
This is also a great idea if you have extra time in your class before you dimiss.  Remember kids always remember the last thing they hear you say, why not make that be a Jesus song!

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